Daniel Ewing

Born in the West of Ireland and living in Tenerife for over 10 years. Living the dream! Adviser of the best Excursions in Tenerife. No BS sales pitch just honest advice! 🙂

Top 3 Excursions

  1. Jets Skis
  2. Boat trip
  3. Stargazing on Teide

Mattie Barnett

Made in Lincolnshire. Massive Notts County fan (sadly) and recently promoted to a first time Dad by my lovely fiancé.

Top 3 Excursions

  1. Boat trip
  2. Jets Skis
  3. Off-Road Buggies

Mark Thelwell

Originally from the UK and have been living in Tenerife for 5 years now. Loving the lifestyle and of course the sun. Working for the top excursion company in Tenerife and living life to the full

Favourite 3 excursions:

  1. Buggies
  2. Jet skis
  3. Boats

Patricia Silva

Made in Porto, Portugal. Have been living in Paradise from 2016 (6 years now).

Top 3 Excursions

  1. Boat Trip
  2. Jet skis
  3. Off-Road Buggies


Originally from Latvia, been living in Tenerife for more then 13years and worked as a Excursion adviser for over 10years. I love every single thing about my job.

Top 3 Excursions

  1. Boat Trips
  2. Jet-Ski
  3. Wine Tour

Sarah Wagstaff

Born and bred Watford girl, living her best life in Tenerife!

Alongside Tenerife First Excursions I volunteer and do the social media for an amazing dog refuge here on the island, Live PAWS Rescued Animals Tenerife and own a bar called The Mellow Gecko.

Favourite 3 excursions:

  1. Boat trips
  2. Boat trips
  3. Boat trips

Daniel Moss

Made in Germany born in Lincoln  “Scheisse”. Due to my dad being in the RAF i have lived in various countries including Cyprus, Malta, Holland and here in Tenerife for 22 years

Top 3 Excursions

  1. paragliding
  2.  buggies off road
  3. boat trip.

Silvana Proto

Born in Uruguay, from Italian mother, Vasco father and living in Tenerife for over 14 years.Adviser of excursions since 2016.

Top 3 Excursions

  1. Teide Masca
  2. Jet ski safari
  3. boat trips

Grete Luik

Born and bred in Estonia, the land of technology and pagans. Lived most my adult life in different parts of the world and now come to stop here in Tenerife for the last 6 years. Forever curious, forever asking to many questions trying to find out how the world works

Favourite 3 excursions:

  1. Kayaking
  2. Jet skis
  3. Paragliding (that i haven’t had the balls to try yet)

Kim Lory

Born & raised in Kent. Depending which side of the river Medway you are born, you are either a ‘Maid of Kent’, or a’ Kentish Maid’, as I never remember which side is which, I just say I was ‘made’ in Kent. Been in Tenerife 36 years, & still manage to discover new things about this beautiful island.

Top 3 Excursions

  1. Boat Trips
  2. Parascen-ding
  3. Night Skies Stargazing

Lisafay Procter

Born in Blackburn Lancashire, Living in Tenerife for 6 years. I love My Job working for the best Excursion Company on the Island  with a great Boss and a Great Team I speak English and Dutch and a little Spanish. I have my 6 meter⛵ boat license and love going out to see the sea life with Friends.

My best Excursions

  1. Boat ⛵ trips
  2. Jet skis
  3. Quad biking


Yorkshire born ‘n’ bread,

Living the dream since 2016

Favourite Excursions:

    1. Siam/Loro (Love the penguins)
    2. Stargazing
    3. Kayak, Snorkelling & Turtles