CASTILLO SAN MIGUEL – Medieval show at San Miguel Castle

Visit the Medieval Castle and enter into a world of valiant knights. Enjoy an evening of medieval feasting, giant jousting competitions, and more. Choose the knight who represents you and shout for your favorite during the tournament. The night will close with an exhibition of Birds of Prey.



Medieval Dinner & Show

See the Medieval Castle and enter the magical world of the Knights at San Miguel Castle. Relive one of the most storied eras with a medieval banquet, witnessing knights tournaments in action. Shout and cheer for your favorite knight (or bemoan their passing) as they duel all night long. The evening will culminate with an exhibition displaying Birds of Prey.

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As soon as you enter the Royal Hall, you are welcomed by royalty and escorted to the game hall where tournament games await. You feel like you have been transported to a medieval world amid displays of period armor, chests, writings and decorations.


A family show

Enjoy the skill of our knights with javelin or sword, acrobatics on spanish horse, flight of majestic birds and much more to take your adrenaline to maximum!


Our knights

Do a synchronized show on Arabian and Spanish horses. Each team is made up of three knights which can be distinguished by the color of their costumes: Green-Yellow-Blue (Green with blue tights) ; Red-Black-Violet (Red with black pants).


The Show:

You’ll feel like you’ve been whisked away to a medieval castle as soon as you enter. Count Don Rodrigo and his daughter the young Countess will welcome you. The count’s subjects will accompany you to the Sala de los Torneos, where fair fights, tournaments, and other medieval games are hosted in front of visitors.
During the tournament, a sumptuous banquet will be served (see menu). From their seats, the Count’s guests can enjoy every detail of the tourney, since visibility is optimal from the stands.


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